Saturday, January 17, 2009

Take snacks onboard your flight

On longer flights, you should take some snacks with you. These come in really handy during long flights between meals. Some airlines do serve snacks, but others do not.

If you take an empty bottle of water with you through security, you can ask the flight attendant to refill it for you as well. This will keep you from having to get up each time you need water or during your snack.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Consider using a local laundry facility

If you are on a prolonged trip, it is not necessary to pack a different piece of clothing for each day. You can use a local laundry mat or have the hotel wash some clothes for you.

Some hotels actually have laundry facilities either on each floor or in the basement somewhere. Also depending on your status with that hotel, the laundry services may be complimentary.

Take a walk down the street and scope out your neighborhood. You can get soap at a machine at the laundry mat and save yourself some weight of dragging stuff around with you on your trip.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Take ample medication with you

You never know what will happen on your trips, so ensure that you take adequate medication with you if necessary. Once good things is to take a copy of your prescriptions with you in case you misplace your medicine and need to get it refilled.

Always take some kind of medication for a headache with you as well. One thing to remember too is that if you travel internationally, you may not be able to find your normal headache medication. Usually you can tell the pharmacist what you need and they will provide you with an equivalent. Please read and understand the dosage.

Oh, don't pack your medication in your checked luggage.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Use a local ATM

When you travel you should use a local ATM as opposed to taking wads of cash with you. While this is safer, there are a few things to bear in mind:

1). Your bank may charge you a fee to use an ATM other than its own. Also, if you are traveling inernationally, you may be charged at a minimum 1% of the transaction as a fee. This fee may also be applied when you use your bankcard as a credit card. This fee, may be better and mor econvenient than the alternative, using a currency exchange and paying a fee for the service.
2). You should take some local currency with you if traveling internationally. This will help you get from the airport to your hotel upon arrival. Take small bills and change so you can take the bus or use a restroom in case there is a charge to do so.
3). Your ATM card may not work in a foreign country.
4). The ATMs in that country may be down or you cannot find one once you get there.

So take some local currency with you when you travel, do a little research before you go about where your card is accepted by calling your bank. And while you have them on the phone ask about the charges for using your card at other ATMs and in a foreign country.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Choose your seat assignments early

If at all possible, choose your seat assignment at the time of booking your ticket. This increases the possibility of getting the seat you want as well as decreases your chance of getting bumped off your flight in case your flight is overbooked.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Weigh your bags before your trip

Ensure that you weigh your bags before you take your trip. The requirements vary by airline and destination as well as elite status in the airline's frequent flyer program. A quick check on the airline's web site will ensure that you have the correct information. Not having the correct weight and dimensions for your bag may result in excess baggage fees.

Also if you are connecting from one airline to the next the restrictions may be different by airline so check with all the airlines before you leave your home.

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Get a mobile phone that works outside of your country

If you travel outside of your country or your local area, ensure that your mobile phone will work wherever you are. A simple call to your mobile phone provider can fix this. Note that the rates are different and you will more than likely be charged roaming charges.

If your company does not provide such a service, check if you phone accepts a sim card, if so you can just buy a card when you get to your location and place it in your phone. Make sure that your mobile provider allows your phone to user cards other than those issued by that company.