Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Use a local ATM

When you travel you should use a local ATM as opposed to taking wads of cash with you. While this is safer, there are a few things to bear in mind:

1). Your bank may charge you a fee to use an ATM other than its own. Also, if you are traveling inernationally, you may be charged at a minimum 1% of the transaction as a fee. This fee may also be applied when you use your bankcard as a credit card. This fee, may be better and mor econvenient than the alternative, using a currency exchange and paying a fee for the service.
2). You should take some local currency with you if traveling internationally. This will help you get from the airport to your hotel upon arrival. Take small bills and change so you can take the bus or use a restroom in case there is a charge to do so.
3). Your ATM card may not work in a foreign country.
4). The ATMs in that country may be down or you cannot find one once you get there.

So take some local currency with you when you travel, do a little research before you go about where your card is accepted by calling your bank. And while you have them on the phone ask about the charges for using your card at other ATMs and in a foreign country.

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