Thursday, January 1, 2009

Public transportation

Posted while in Calgary, AB Canada

Whenever you travel, consider taking public transportation. Some cities have train and/or bus service from the airport to the city. Usually you have to have exact change, but you can get that at a local airport stall. At some airports you can buy the tickets on the train/bus or at a local airport store.

Just go to the Information booth once you arrive or you can check the airport's Web site before you leave for your trip.

If you have any ideas/suggestions for a particular airport, feel free to let my readers know.

As I'm in Calgary, AB Canada, you can take the #57 from the airport for 2.50 CAD to the Whitehorn train station. From there you can take the train into the City Center. The journey takes about an hour or so. You can buy the ticket from the Mac store at the airport or on the bus. You must have exact change in order to accomplish this on the bus. More information can be found at

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